Reading at Elson Junior School

At Elson Junior School we believe that reading is a key that can unlock a child’s potential.  Each class teacher reads regularly to their class and literacy topics are always based around a stimulating hook including quality text drivers.  Reading is prioritised across the curriculum and plays a crucial part in all learning.  Children are encouraged to change home reading books regularly and can be awarded team points.  Home learning is shared and celebrated in class each week.  When children complete home learning over a term, they are awarded bronze, silver and gold certificates.

In guided reading lessons we follow a ‘split model’ which is where children will all work on the whole class text in the first part of the learning journey.  In the second part of the journey, the teacher plans for varied texts according to each child’s individual learning need.  Children are encouraged as part of the learning to develop their love of reading.  The first part of the learning journey consists of teacher modelling,  supported discussions, partner reading and tasks that link to specific reading skills.  In the second part of the learning journey, children apply their skills from the first part to work more independently with a variation of texts.

Home Learning

Lower School Reading – Home Learning

The expectation is that your child reads for between 15 to 20 minutes per day.  Please record your child’s reading in their homework book which will then be monitored by their class teacher.

Upper School Reading – Home Learning

It is imperative that your child reads every day. The pace and content of the curriculum in school requires them to be able to read at pace and then use that information. The end of year KS2 SATs, across all subjects, requires children to be competent readers. We cannot stress enough how important it is that children read regularly and widely. Little and often is key.

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Here we have links to recommended reading books for each year group.

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

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