School Ethos and Values


Our school values underpin all that we do in school.  All children in the school are organised into one of four values teams: Integrity, Adaptability, Compassion and Creativity.  These are underpinned by the fifth value, Aspiration.  Throughout each week, children are awarded team tokens when they demonstrate one of the school’s five values.  Our team captains count these tokens and each half term, these points are cumulatively recorded.  Each week, the Head Teacher leads an assembly which celebrates the team which received the most points that week and then the most so far that half term.  Examples of how children have demonstrated the values are shared and celebrated.

Through our school (Home School Agreement, School Improvement Plan and Behaviour Policy) we set our expectation that Parents, Pupils and School have responsibilities to ensure that chilrdren are successful in their learning.  Our overarching aims state that we:

  • have high expectations of learning and behaviour
  • promote positive self-esteem
  • value, support and respect each other
  • provide a safe and secure environment
  • are a welcoming school
  • value the home-school partnership, to ensure that children are safe, happy and ready to excel in their learning
  • take care of our environment
  • project a positive image of the school

Our aim is to develop in children, a love of learning and a sense of inner confidence and self-belief that enables them to achieve high standards.  Wherever they go, whatever they do, we want our children to be curious, self-motivated, resilient people who are creative and flexible, able to work with others, happy and respectful of themselves and others.

We aim to deliver our values through the curriculum, embedding them in all learning.

In order to achieve their best, and fully engage with our curriculum, we support all children to develop the following qualities and learning behaviours:

  • Resilience
  • Determination
  • Respect
  • Independence
  • Self-Regulation


Rewards for Good Behaviour and Work

Regular praise and encouragement is part of the school ethos.  In addition to this, behaviour which supports the school’s values is celebrated by:

  • Team tokens are awarded for good behaviour and excellent work, in line with the school values.  They can be awarded by any member of staff and are totalled each week and a cup awarded in the Head Teacher’s Assembly.  A running total is kept and the winning values team is rewarded a tthe end of each half-term.
  • Head Teacher and Assistant Head Teacher awards, which are recognised by a gold sticker on the child’s work and the child is given a certificate to take home.
  • Respect badges as part of the Mayor’s Gosport Respect Scheme
  • Sharing work
  • Displaying work
  • Half-termly nominations for trophies for demonstration of the school values in the upper and lower school, excellent manners & respect, sport and music.  Nominees are celebrated at a celebration breakfast with one of their special adults from home
  • Team points
  • Postcard home
  • Membership of the School Council or Eco Council
  • Team Leaders and House Captains in Year 6
  • School Ambassadors who carry out responsibilities in our school (Librarians, Digtial Champions)

Class teachers may also develop specific class incentives in line with the Elson Values e.g. class marbles




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