Governor Details



(No of years/Date)

Vacancy Local Authority Hampshire County Council        
Mrs Penny Shaw Headteacher Headteacher Jan 2017 ongoing

All Committees


Mrs Paruna Rendell Co-Opted Governing Body Oct 2023 4 years to: 19/10/2027

Curriculum &   Standards

Pay, Performance & Personnel

SEN Governor

E-safety Governor

Mrs Nadine Williams Co-Opted Governing Body Sep 2021  4 years to: 19/09/2025 Resources Compliance Governor
Mrs Rachel Matthews Co-Opted Governing Body Sep 2022 4 years to: 14/09/2026 Curriculum & Standards

Chair of Curriculum & Standards Committee

Monitoring Governor

Vacancy Co-Opted Governing Body Oct 2021      
Mr Chris Blakeman Co-Opted Governing Body Mar 2020  4 years to: 29/03/2024 Resources

Chair of Governors

Chair of Full Governing Body

Training Link Governor

Mrs Karen Cassie Staff Staff Oct 2021 4 years to: 18/10/2025 Curriculum & Standards   
Mrs Joanne Rooke Parent Parents  Nov 2021 4 years to: 21/11/2025  Curriculum & Standards

 Vice Chair of Governors

Safeguarding Governor

Mrs Hayley Masters Parent Parents Nov 2021 4 years to: 07/11/2025 Resources   Chair of Finance Committee 
Vacancy Co-opted Governing Body        
Mrs Sarah Taylor Associate Member Governing Body Feb 2023 4 years to: 10/02/2027 Curriculum & Standards  
Mr Paul Tyler Local Authority Hampshire County Council September 2022 Resigned 17/07/2023    
Mrs Kirsty Ayres Co-Opted Governing Body October 2021 Resigned 12/09/2023    


Governors’ Attendance at Meetings 2022-2023

Register of Governors’ Pecuniary Interests 2023-2024

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