Science at Elson

The Science Curriculum at Elson supports children to be interested in and engage with a broad range of scientific knowledge, concepts and processes. It will foster a sense of motivation and curiosity and be accessible for all children.

Science lessons will draw on prior learning and develop the children’s confidence to challenge ideas. They will learn the skills of enquiry and develop the ability to ‘work as a scientist’ to carry out experiments and draw conclusions from their results.

Children will know how what they have learnt about natural phenomena in Science relates to their lives, their goals and ambitions and to the wider issues affecting the World.

The DfE Purpose of Study for Science states the following:

“A high-quality science education provides the foundations for understanding the world through the specific disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics. Science has changed our lives and is vital to the world’s future prosperity, and all pupils should be taught essential aspects of the knowledge, methods, processes and uses of science. Through building up a body of key foundational knowledge and concepts, pupils should be encouraged to recognise the power of rational explanation and develop a sense of excitement and curiosity about natural phenomena. They should be encouraged to understand how science can be used to explain what is occurring, predict how things will behave, and analyse causes.”


Click here to download a copy of the Science curriculum overview for 2021-22

Autumn 2020

Year 4 have been busy making electrical circuits this term.  It is fantastic to see their awe and wonder when they see their lamp illuminate!

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