Summer term 2021

Pond Dipping 27th May 2021

Finally we have some good weather!  Year 4 have enjoyed spending time outdoors today exploring our pond area and getting involved in some pond dipping.  It was very exciting!

pond snip1pond snip2pond snip3pond snip4pond snip5pond snip6

Elson Heroes

May the 4th be with you!  Our service club pupils, Elson Heroes, enjoyed their group session on May 4th where they were learning some Jedi moves!

elson heroes

Year 3 Science

Year 3 were learning about pollination in science.  They enjoyed some outdoor learning where the children were learning how the bees collect nectar and collect and transfer pollen in the process.

Y3 pollination

Year 5 Music

This term, Y5 are enjoying drumming music lessons.

Y5 drumming1Y5 drumming2


We were so delighted that we were able to offer our Y6 pupils the fantastic Bikeability programme this year before they head off their secondary schools in September.

Y6 bikeability

Spring term 2021

 Our Community Allotment project gets underway!  This is an initiative to leave a positive Covid-19 legacy at our school, creating a community allotment for everyone to use and benefit from to promote positive well-being by being outdoors.  We are very excited to see how this growns over the coming months and years to come.


Each class has been given a Good Spud Club grow bag to grow and nurture their own potatoes.  Our ELSA led outdoor learning group have also been planting their spuds in our allotment.

good spud club

outdoor learning group allotment

 Year 3 sponsored walk

We have been especially and incredibly proud of our Year 3 pupils this term. After learning about Africa during lockdown, and finding out about the plight of elephants and how they are at risk of extinction, the children were horrified!  They decided to do a sponsored walk to raise money for the WWF to help save the elephants and all of the Y3 children were involved.  They raised over £1,700 which is amazing!

Y3 sponsored walk

Pond Area and Outdoor Learning

Our Y3 pupils really enjoyed learning about frogspawn in our pond area.

frog spawn 2frog spawn3

Autumn term 2020


Christmas Performances

We are delighted to share with you some Christmas performances!  The children have been working hard with their readings and singing this half-term.  A big thank you to Mrs Dwyer for co-ordinating the songs and for teaching the children in their music lessons this half-term and for being determined to share these lovely moments with you.  Merry Christmas to you all!

Photos from Friday 18th December

Year 3 song

Year 4

Year 4 Christingles

Base 4 reading

Base 5 reading

Base 6 reading

Base 6 song

Year 4 sign song

Year 5

5ASJ readings

5SD readings

5SH readings

Year 5 song

Year 5 sign song

Year 5 Boomers song

Year 6

Y6 song with soloists group 1

Y6 song with soloists group 2

Year 6 signing song

6RF readings

6JR readings

6KC readings

Year 6 choir






Year 6 ukulele

Wow!  What a fantastic time Y6 have had this term learning to play the ukulele.  Click on the link to watch and listen to their Christmas performance song.  They did brilliantly and we are so proud of them!

6KC ukulele Christmas performance

6JR ukulele Christmas performance

6RF ukulele Christmas performance


Year 5 Poetry

Year 5 have been enjoying learning poetry this term.  Click on the link to see them in action.  We think they did brilliantly and it was lovely to see how they supported each other too.  Elson Values in abundance!

Year 5 poetry


Outdoor Learning

Outdoor History At Elson Junior School, we love to bring learning to life! Year 3 have been learning about the Stone Age in history this term. They worked outside to learn about fire. They were able to watch a fire being built and were able to smell the fire, hear the wood burn and learn to respect and understand the fire. It really helped the children to understand the importance of fire to Stone Age man as they used it to warm the caves, cook, ward off predators and for light at night.

Y3 stone age fire2

Y3 stone age fire





Children in Need

On Friday 13th November we raised money for BBC Children in Need.  The children brought in lots of coins to use to make Pudsey Penny collages in their classes.  They looked fantastic and the children also dressed up for the day in colourful and spotty clothing.  Our school value of Compassion was very much in evidence.  Well done to everyone for taking part.

Aiden3KD4YL 24YL 3Year 3


October 2020

Year 6 Persuasive Speeches

Year 6 have been writing speeches in class and before half-term Mrs Cassie videoed some of her pupils performing their speeches – they did brilliantly and she was very proud of them all!  Click on the link below to watch all of the videos.

Year 6 speeches


Year 5 Den Building







den snip 1

den snip 2

Our Year 5 children were set a challenge by their teachers to build a den in our forest area.  They were given a tarpaulin and some string and they had to find the rest!  The criteria was that they had to work as a team and use their imaginations to create the best den that they could.  The classes were split into girls and boys teams.  The children had a fantastic time working together and really enjoyed getting inside their dens at the end.  Well done Year 5!  Click on the link to view the short video with more photographs.

Year 5 Den Building


Year 3 – special visitor today …

Year 3 pupils have started a new writing project which began today with a visit from the Big Bad Wolf!  They are reading a book entitled ‘The true story of the three little pigs by A. Wolf’  The children will be writing their own diary as if they are the wolf.

This wonderful story looks at the 3 little pigs original story from the Wolf’s perspective – and he’s not quite as bad as you might think! Or is he?



Here is the Wolf meeting Class 3MS and the children were able to ask him questions …





Here are some of the things the children asked …


How did you feel when the pig said your Granny can sit on a pin?”

“Why didn’t you just go to the shop for sugar instead of going to the pigs’ houses?”

“How did you feel when you got sent to prison?”


Hello Yellow

At a time when it’s needed most, Elson Junior children and staff, came together for #HelloYellow to support young people’s mental health on World Mental Health Day.

We invited our whole community to come into school dressed in something yellow to bring us all some much needed sunshine.  It was a super day with lots of well-being activities for the children to participate in; from yoga to designing super heroes, and their own happy badges.

Well-being Yoga

Hellow yellow1

Mrs Carr from our MSA and site team embracing the yellow theme!

hello yellow 2

L-R Mrs Taylor, Mrs Shaw and Mrs Ryan – our Senior Leadership Team

hello yellow 3

A back to school reflection well-being activity

hello yellow 4


Creating Happy Badges

hello yellow 5




September 2020 – Elson Heroes

Elson Heroes, our service club, were enjoying a forest adventure with our Home Link worker/ELSA, Mrs Hull.

Elson Heroes forest

Year 6 learning to play the ukulele.

Y6 ukulele3


Oli Clarke ukulele

Y6 ukulele2


Year 3

At the start of September, the whole school used the fantastic picture book ‘After the Fall’ by Dan Santat.  The book has a large focus on adaptability, one of our key Elson values.  Adaptability is a skill that we have all needed over the past few months, especially our children.  It was a very successful project and all of the children, from Y3 to Y6 enjoyed the book and the learning that came from it.

Here is a Year 3 class who are preparing to fly their paper planes.  They had written letters to Humpty Dumpty and were sending them to him via air mail!

Year 3 paper planes