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At Elson Junior School our school values of adaptability, integrity, compassion, creativity and aspiration drive all that we do and our pupils are at the centre of each and every decision we make. But, as a Leadership Team we absolutely recognise that our staff are instrumental in ensuring that our vision happens. So, whilst we of course always put our children first, our staff are right up there with them.

Staff wellbeing and development is always a priority and you will be well looked after.

Emotional Wellbeing

The wellbeing board in our staffroom has information about support available to you and lots of other tips and snippets of advice and support to help us all through the busy days! INSET days include fun team building activities (with competitions and prizes) and lots of snacks! All staff birthdays are celebrated on our ‘birthdays board’ and it’s not unusual to find a little thank you note in your pigeon hole. Our amazing Home Link worker/ELSA has even set up a staff worry jar in the staff room – she doesn’t just focus on the children either! There is always an ear that will listen to you and a hand to help you whenever you need it.


Whilst you are in your PPA sessions, learning for your class is led by our talented team of HLTAs who are all experienced and well qualified in delivering PE, Music/drama and geography, amongst other things! You will always PPA with your team.

Training and development

Our Leadership team deliver lots of the training to staff alongside our colleagues from HIAS. We have a training programme that includes delivering ‘The Elson Lesson’, development of your curriculum subject knowledge and communication and public relations and everything in between! Subject leaders receive direct HIAS support, which is invaluable and continued support from our Assistant Headteacher as we continue to develop our curriculum.

Your career

We welcome ambitious teachers to join our team. We have such a diverse mix of talented staff from recently qualified teachers to those who have been here for a considerably longer period of time. If you have a specific passion or a particular interest in an element of teaching and learning, we encourage this and give staff opportunities to share and build their experiences by leading PDMs and through involvement in INSET training.


We are so lucky to have a wonderful environment to work in. Our extensive grounds are, we believe, second to none in our area (and beyond) with so many outdoor spaces for teaching and learning (check out the content in the ‘Outdoor Learning’ link in Why EJS? We have been awarded the Eco Schools Green flag for a record length of time amongst Hampshire schools and we are fortunate to have members of our support staff who can lead outdoor learning activities.

Of course, there’s only so much we can tell you about – the best way to find out more about us would be to come and visit. Our children are always very happy to show visitors around and let you know what they are learning.  

Please make contact with our school office and they will make an appointment for you for one of our Senior Team to call you.

Meanwhile, check out our social media (links on our home page) and do peruse the staff and parent testimonials in our ‘Why EJS?’ page. Would you like to become a member of Team Elson? Come and see us!



If you are interested in teaching in a Hampshire School you can see all the current vacancies on the HCC Education Jobs Website:

HCC Education Jobs

If you follow the social media links detailed below you will also have access to the latest information on Hampshire’s recruitment drive for new teachers:






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