Remote Learning

Remote learning at Elson Junior School

What should my child complete at home?

Our teachers are working hard to continue to plan and provide quality learning resources for all our children so they can continue to learn new skills and make progress whether children are learning at home or in school. We are offering our children a full range of curriculum subjects to enjoy and have adapted the activities to be accessible at home. In a learning journey, we are using a combination of teaching clips and models to support the small steps of learning that would usually happen in a classroom. Our class teachers have also been including recordings to support engagement and explain learning to the children. The models and images are familiar to the children as we use these as standard in our teaching sequences. 

Google Classroom

We have chosen to use Google Classroom as a platform for any remote learning.  The children have responded well to the introduction and use of this resource and we continue to develop our use of it. You will find teacher inputs, class stories, teacher models and activities posted for your child to complete on Google classroom. Your child is also able to communicate with their teacher and submit work to be reviewed. We also have the facility to have a class meeting so we can all keep in touch.  If you don’t have your child’s log in, please contact the class teacher who will be able to give you that information.  

Supporting your child

Supporting children with their learning is challenging! We have worked hard to make learning at home as accessible as possible for you and your child during any period of remote learning.  Please contact your class teacher in the first instance if your child needs further support.  

At school, routines are an important part of our day and really help children to settle to a task so setting a routine that works for your family is important.  Your child’s teacher will include a suggested timetable to support you with structuring your day with the remote learning.  Please feel free to adapt this to suit the routine or timetable for your family.  

Having an area in the home allocated to sit at to complete any school work may help.  This is more challenging at the moment with our kitchen tables being used for multiple functions!  I know some families have found that children taking it in turns to complete their learning at a workspace has been helpful. 

Sending work in

Some families have been asking about how and when work should be sent in to the teacher as they find this helps to motivate their child to complete it.  Teachers have indicated if a specific task should be sent in during the week via a year group email or submitted on Google Classroom however, please feel free to email work into us when you feel it is appropriate. We love to hear how you are getting on!  

Keeping in touch

We want to stay in touch with you whilst you are learning at home.  It is really important for lots of reasons.  You can contact class teachers by ringing the school or sending an email.  Teachers can also be contacted via Google Classroom.  If you have any questions about the learning or just want to say hello, the teachers would love to hear from you. 

We will continue to keep you updated via parentmail, our school website, Facebook and Instagram page.   Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need any support, have any questions or feedback for us.

How are our Governors monitoring remote learning?

Click on the link below for the latest report.

Governor report on Remote Learning

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