Outdoor Learning

November 2020

Outdoor History

At Elson Junior School, we love to bring learning to life!  Year 3 have been learning about the Stone Age in history this term.  They worked outside to learn about fire.  They were able to watch a fire being built and were able to smell the fire, hear the wood burn and learn to respect and understand the fire.  It really helped the children to understand the importance of fire to Stone Age man as they used it to warm the caves, cook, ward off predators and for light at night.

Y3 stone age fireY3 stone age fire2



At Elson Junior School we have some fantastic outdoor spaces.

A favourite place is our forest area.  Here we have our Elson Heroes (Service Club) enjoying reading a story called Stick Man in the log seating classroom area.  The children then went on a hunt through the forest to find the best sticks to make their own Stick Man.






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