Parent Testimonials


Parent of child in Y3 (July 2020)

During our time at the Juniors the school has been amazing, my child is thriving in his learning and enjoys coming to school. Through COVID-19 I have nothing but praise for all the staff in the school, the level of communication and support has been outstanding. Nothing has been too much trouble for them when I’ve needed to speak to someone. Being back at school since 1st June has shown me the level of safety and support the school has offered right through this. Elson Junior School has gone above and beyond, we are very happy you are our Junior school.


Parent of child in Y3 (July 2020)

Great communication, Fantastic support, Lovely school environment with issues addressed immediately.


Parent of child in Y4 (July 2020)

My son is thriving in your school. He has good relationships with teachers and I feel, especially during lockdown, his achievements have been recognised and acknowledged. This has enabled him to show more of a desire to learn and improve. An example of this is the numerous headteacher awards he has received. This has shown that not only is his achievements recognised in class, but more widely recognised within the school.


Parent of child in Y4 (June 2020)

“Despite a shaky start with certain situations, I now feel have since been resolved, I feel things have improved and the school is starting to show a lot more progress. I have the upmost respect for the teaching staff and have had great support from Mrs Shaw. The turning point for my child was having support from Mrs Hull which in a short space of time has proved extremely worthwhile. Not only to my child but to us as a family. Thank you.”


Parent of child in Y5 (July 2020)

So many reasons (to recommend the school.) They have truly accommodated every need our child has, listened to our concerns, made changes in regards to our concerns, been friendly, approachable, helpful, kind and about all just the best school EVER! Thank you EJS.


Parent of child in Y5 (June 2020)

“EJS have been amazing with my son who has severe ADHD, the support we receive from all aspects of school has been all I could ask for, and in return he is now happier in school and has come along in leaps and bounds. The school have also been giving me huge support, the staff are all such lovely, caring people. i couldn’t pick a better school.”


Parent of child in Y5 (June 2020)

Definitely will recommend this school my daughter is always happy, always learning new things and you have an amazing staff. The kids are really good and well behaved children, the parents are friendly. That is my expectation – my child to be happy and to feel confident at school.


Parent of child in Y6 (July 2020)

My child has never not wanted to go to school, she always enjoys her learning and comes home with a smile. She has never given me any concerns with her teacher or school







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