Staff Testimonials


Experienced teacher …

The friendly, supportive, nurturing environment is what struck me the most when I first came to Elson Junior School. As a teacher with many years’ experience, I have found Elson to be a great environment in which both staff and children can flourish and everyone’s ideas and opinions are valued and respected. Everyone’s strengths are recognised and allowed to develop which benefits both the adults and children of the school. Our Elson Values are interwoven into the fabric of our daily school life and this is evident in the amazing children who learn here! Working at Elson Junior School allows me to reach out and make a difference to the pupils who choose to come and be a part of this amazing school community.

Experienced Learning Support Assistant …

“I am a Learning Support Assistant at Elson Junior School and my role is by its very nature varied, but my key objective is to support all the children with whom I work with and to meet their educational needs.   The class teacher prepares a programme of study and work for each of my children. It’s my responsibility to understand and support their physical, emotional and welfare needs and to meet their individual academic targets. The school has created a very happy and caring environment in which all of our children can maximize their learning potential.   I enjoy being part of the school team and observing the children growing in confidence and enjoying their learning experience. “

Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) …

“When looking around for a school to complete my NQT year in I knew it had to feel right for me. The minute I stepped into Elson Junior School I felt welcome. I came for an initial tour of the school and as soon as I left the school I knew I had to apply to work there – it just felt right! From the layout of the classrooms, the friendliness of everybody I met, the volume and behaviour of the children I saw, I just felt at home.

Luckily enough for me I was successful and spent my NQT year teaching a Year 5 class. From day 1 the support I have received has been second to none; from my mentor, the Head and my Year 5 team to name a few.

I have never felt alone or not knowing who to turn to for advice or just a ‘silly question’ that I needed answering. My mentor and my team have been with me every step of the way; my suggestions have always been valued, I have been able to adapt things as I see fit for my class. I built up strong relationships with my class and their parents from the beginning of the year. They are the reason I love coming in to school every day. Yes, there are days that can be hard – but at the end of a tough day there are colleagues to chat to – but the good days definitely outweigh the bad. I enjoy planning activities to engage my children, finding topics to keep them motivated and enjoy watching their enthusiasm and participation. Elson Junior School gave me a fantastic start to my teaching career and I am already excited about the next year ahead”

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